June 24, 2018, 10:39 am
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1 Philippine Peso = 0.06901 UAE Dirham
1 Philippine Peso = 2.02912 Albanian Lek
1 Philippine Peso = 0.03401 Neth Antilles Guilder
1 Philippine Peso = 0.5072 Argentine Peso
1 Philippine Peso = 0.02524 Australian Dollar
1 Philippine Peso = 0.03345 Aruba Florin
1 Philippine Peso = 0.03758 Barbados Dollar
1 Philippine Peso = 1.57159 Bangladesh Taka
1 Philippine Peso = 0.03155 Bulgarian Lev
1 Philippine Peso = 0.00712 Bahraini Dinar
1 Philippine Peso = 32.90079 Burundi Franc
1 Philippine Peso = 0.01879 Bermuda Dollar
1 Philippine Peso = 0.02526 Brunei Dollar
1 Philippine Peso = 0.1289 Bolivian Boliviano
1 Philippine Peso = 0.07111 Brazilian Real
1 Philippine Peso = 0.01879 Bahamian Dollar
1 Philippine Peso = 1.28053 Bhutan Ngultrum
1 Philippine Peso = 0.19402 Botswana Pula
1 Philippine Peso = 376.17437 Belarus Ruble
1 Philippine Peso = 0.03754 Belize Dollar
1 Philippine Peso = 0.02493 Canadian Dollar
1 Philippine Peso = 0.01856 Swiss Franc
1 Philippine Peso = 11.99061 Chilean Peso
1 Philippine Peso = 0.12218 Chinese Yuan
1 Philippine Peso = 54.75385 Colombian Peso
1 Philippine Peso = 10.57591 Costa Rica Colon
1 Philippine Peso = 0.01879 Cuban Peso
1 Philippine Peso = 1.77772 Cape Verde Escudo
1 Philippine Peso = 0.41526 Czech Koruna
1 Philippine Peso = 3.33615 Djibouti Franc
1 Philippine Peso = 0.12016 Danish Krone
1 Philippine Peso = 0.92728 Dominican Peso
1 Philippine Peso = 2.1963 Algerian Dinar
1 Philippine Peso = 0.25225 Estonian Kroon
1 Philippine Peso = 0.33484 Egyptian Pound
1 Philippine Peso = 0.51146 Ethiopian Birr
1 Philippine Peso = 0.01612 Euro
1 Philippine Peso = 0.03918 Fiji Dollar
1 Philippine Peso = 0.01416 Falkland Islands Pound
1 Philippine Peso = 0.01417 British Pound
1 Philippine Peso = 0.08979 Ghanaian Cedi
1 Philippine Peso = 0.87956 Gambian Dalasi
1 Philippine Peso = 169.07178 Guinea Franc
1 Philippine Peso = 0.14072 Guatemala Quetzal
1 Philippine Peso = 3.87599 Guyana Dollar
1 Philippine Peso = 0.14741 Hong Kong Dollar
1 Philippine Peso = 0.44878 Honduras Lempira
1 Philippine Peso = 0.11882 Croatian Kuna
1 Philippine Peso = 1.24803 Haiti Gourde
1 Philippine Peso = 5.23224 Hungarian Forint
1 Philippine Peso = 264.43067 Indonesian Rupiah
1 Philippine Peso = 0.06764 Israeli Shekel
1 Philippine Peso = 1.27568 Indian Rupee
1 Philippine Peso = 22.24728 Iraqi Dinar
1 Philippine Peso = 798.38407 Iran Rial
1 Philippine Peso = 2.03119 Iceland Krona
1 Philippine Peso = 2.45509 Jamaican Dollar
1 Philippine Peso = 0.01333 Jordanian Dinar
1 Philippine Peso = 2.06417 Japanese Yen
1 Philippine Peso = 1.89121 Kenyan Shilling
1 Philippine Peso = 1.28183 Kyrgyzstan Som
1 Philippine Peso = 76.00526 Cambodia Riel
1 Philippine Peso = 7.92522 Comoros Franc
1 Philippine Peso = 16.91094 North Korean Won
1 Philippine Peso = 20.86622 Korean Won
1 Philippine Peso = 0.00568 Kuwaiti Dinar
1 Philippine Peso = 0.01541 Cayman Islands Dollar
1 Philippine Peso = 6.38595 Kazakhstan Tenge
1 Philippine Peso = 158.00451 Lao Kip
1 Philippine Peso = 28.292 Lebanese Pound
1 Philippine Peso = 2.98572 Sri Lanka Rupee
1 Philippine Peso = 2.74709 Liberian Dollar
1 Philippine Peso = 0.25254 Lesotho Loti
1 Philippine Peso = 0.05728 Lithuanian Lita
1 Philippine Peso = 0.01166 Latvian Lat
1 Philippine Peso = 0.02548 Libyan Dinar
1 Philippine Peso = 0.1786 Moroccan Dirham
1 Philippine Peso = 0.3177 Moldovan Leu
1 Philippine Peso = 0.98891 Macedonian Denar
1 Philippine Peso = 25.98647 Myanmar Kyat
1 Philippine Peso = 45.97896 Mongolian Tugrik
1 Philippine Peso = 0.15183 Macau Pataca
1 Philippine Peso = 6.67042 Mauritania Ougulya
1 Philippine Peso = 0.65295 Mauritius Rupee
1 Philippine Peso = 0.29256 Maldives Rufiyaa
1 Philippine Peso = 13.4053 Malawi Kwacha
1 Philippine Peso = 0.37584 Mexican Peso
1 Philippine Peso = 0.07518 Malaysian Ringgit
1 Philippine Peso = 0.25239 Namibian Dollar
1 Philippine Peso = 6.72679 Nigerian Naira
1 Philippine Peso = 0.59207 Nicaragua Cordoba
1 Philippine Peso = 0.15205 Norwegian Krone
1 Philippine Peso = 2.03401 Nepalese Rupee
1 Philippine Peso = 0.02719 New Zealand Dollar
1 Philippine Peso = 0.00723 Omani Rial
1 Philippine Peso = 0.01879 Panama Balboa
1 Philippine Peso = 0.06134 Peruvian Nuevo Sol
1 Philippine Peso = 0.0609 Papua New Guinea Kina
1 Philippine Peso = 1 Philippine Peso
1 Philippine Peso = 2.28222 Pakistani Rupee
1 Philippine Peso = 0.06966 Polish Zloty
1 Philippine Peso = 106.55769 Paraguayan Guarani
1 Philippine Peso = 0.06839 Qatar Rial
1 Philippine Peso = 0.07509 Romanian New Leu
1 Philippine Peso = 1.18236 Russian Rouble
1 Philippine Peso = 15.96073 Rwanda Franc
1 Philippine Peso = 0.07046 Saudi Arabian Riyal
1 Philippine Peso = 0.1479 Solomon Islands Dollar
1 Philippine Peso = 0.25235 Seychelles Rupee
1 Philippine Peso = 0.33738 Sudanese Pound
1 Philippine Peso = 0.16635 Swedish Krona
1 Philippine Peso = 0.02551 Singapore Dollar
1 Philippine Peso = 0.01417 St Helena Pound
1 Philippine Peso = 0.41725 Slovak Koruna
1 Philippine Peso = 149.94363 Sierra Leone Leone
1 Philippine Peso = 10.72905 Somali Shilling
1 Philippine Peso = 394.98309 Sao Tome Dobra
1 Philippine Peso = 0.16441 El Salvador Colon
1 Philippine Peso = 9.67644 Syrian Pound
1 Philippine Peso = 0.25202 Swaziland Lilageni
1 Philippine Peso = 0.61856 Thai Baht
1 Philippine Peso = 0.04882 Tunisian Dinar
1 Philippine Peso = 0.04333 Tongan paʻanga
1 Philippine Peso = 0.08786 Turkish Lira
1 Philippine Peso = 0.12682 Trinidad Tobago Dollar
1 Philippine Peso = 0.56924 Taiwan Dollar
1 Philippine Peso = 42.63435 Tanzanian Shilling
1 Philippine Peso = 0.49267 Ukraine Hryvnia
1 Philippine Peso = 72.51597 Ugandan Shilling
1 Philippine Peso = 0.01879 United States Dollar
1 Philippine Peso = 0.59451 Uruguayan New Peso
1 Philippine Peso = 147.50094 Uzbekistan Sum
1 Philippine Peso = 1499.4363 Venezuelan Bolivar
1 Philippine Peso = 430.10147 Vietnam Dong
1 Philippine Peso = 2.07159 Vanuatu Vatu
1 Philippine Peso = 0.0488 Samoa Tala
1 Philippine Peso = 10.56614 CFA Franc (BEAC)
1 Philippine Peso = 0.05073 East Caribbean Dollar
1 Philippine Peso = 10.56614 CFA Franc (BCEAO)
1 Philippine Peso = 1.92165 Pacific Franc
1 Philippine Peso = 4.69466 Yemen Riyal
1 Philippine Peso = 0.25241 South African Rand
1 Philippine Peso = 97.51033 Zambian Kwacha
1 Philippine Peso = 6.80008 Zimbabwe dollar

Death of a friendship

IF there’s anything that’s probably as rampant as couples breaking up, it must be friends torn asunder. I cannot count how many friendships I’ve seen destroyed ever since I was in grade school – including some of my own. And I’ve also seen varying levels of grief...and relief because of broken friendships! 

“Good riddance” is as much a reality as “good grief,” forgive the pun. Yes, I’ve seen people so relieved that they finally got rid of certain “friends.” And I’ve seen grief that was good for some people after they mourned the loss of a friend. It made them less insensitive, less self-centered, and more aware of the damage they could do to others. 

Some friendships, we must admit, are better left unrestored – for many reasons, both obvious and, at times, better left unsaid. 

Which led me to wonder today: what are some things that kill friendships? I know there’s probably no comprehensive list. But from the top of my head, these are the most notorious friendship-breakers I’ve seen: 

1. Expecting too much from a friend. 

By nature, we’re all selfish. So most of us have this shopping list of expectations, the things that we expect people – especially friends – to do for us. When they come short, we get hurt. We think, “But I’d do this or that for him if I knew he needed help! So why isn’t he helping me?

And I thought he was my friend! Hindi pala maaasahan!” Or words to that effect. 

Well, wrong logic there. First, just because we’re willing to do something for our friends doesn’t mean we have the right to expect the same thing from them. 

Second, We have different priorities, different values, different situations in life. We shouldn’t impose our own values and priorities on others. Not even our closest friends.

Third, take responsibility for your own life. While it’s ok to ask for help, don’t expect people to come running, at your beck and call. You might be absolutely clueless about the burdens your friend has to bear. 

2. Making assumptions and being presumptuous. 

If a friend doesn’t say yes to your request – even if the reason seems shallow or unreasonable to you –have enough maturity to accept a NO without making tampo or making innuendos about how poorly you were treated or something as infantile as that. 

Or maybe you weren’t invited somewhere; so you feel you were overlooked, forgotten, ignored. Did you and your friend sign a contract that says you have to be invited to all the lunches/dinners, parties, outings, celebrations, etc. that your friend will organize or host? If you, indeed, signed a contract like that (I’m being smart-alecky here), then sue him/her! Otherwise, shut up about it already or you will end up looking really pathetic. 

3. Your friend is now closer to another person. So you’re jealous! Oh my. That is sooo highschool. Grow up. 

4. You went into business with a friend – and now things have gone sour because one of  you, or both of you, has/have become greedy. For money, what else? Money and greed break friendships faster than you can say “Yikes. It’s now 53 to a dollar!!!”

There are too many friendships ruined by a business partnership. So, a word of caution: pray hard and think very, very carefully about it. The deeper the friendship, the more bitter the break-up, if even just one party isn’t willing to forgive, or give way. 

There are exceptions, of course. But these are rare. My husband and I had three business partnerships that went extremely well – everyone was happy with the outcome. We all made hefty profits. And we ended up even better friends after we decided to liquidate our assets! We consider ourselves extremely blessed to have friends who also turned out to be good business partners. But I know of many friendships that ended up bitterly – some even in Court – after their businesses became a source of conflict. 

5. Not respecting boundaries. 

Just because someone is your best friend doesn’t mean that s/he has to tell you everything, even his/her deepest secrets. Again, this is sooo highschool – but you’d be shocked at how full-grown adults get offended when a close friend doesn’t tell them about something “major” in his/her life. 

Like, “What?!! Why didn’t you tell me you’re in the hospital?” 

Or, “OMG. How come you didn’t even tell me that you’re leaving pala for Boracay? Sana I could’ve gone with you!” 

Or, “What?!! You have a boyfriend na pala?!! Why didn’t you tell me?!!” 

Or (and this takes the cake), “Grabe ka. You sold your car pala? Why didn’t you tell me?!! Sana you told me first. So how much did you sell it for?!!” 

The nerve, right? 

Don’t laugh – all these examples are true! I’ve had to counsel people who were extremely “hurt” simply because they didn’t respect the boundaries, the privacy, of their “close” friends. 

6. Borrowing money from friends. 

This one is a no-brainer: If you habitually borrow from your friends, they will disappear. They’ll avoid you like the plague. If you borrow money from a friend and don’t pay it, you’ll lose a friend. Or you’ll lose his/her respect. The person might not show it, and it might look like he’s still your friend, but most probably, his trust and respect for you have decreased considerably. 

7. Gossiping, backbiting, betraying the confidence of a friend. 

Something said in confidence must be kept in confidence. A true friend won’t blabber about your secrets. A true friend won’t make snide remarks about you. A true friend won’t gossip about you. So if you’re a true friend – you won’t do these things to your friends. What we expect from others, we must also do ourselves. 

8. Enabling a friend. 

When you keep bailing out or keep rescuing a friend, you’re no longer a friend. You’re an enabler. You need to be needed. You’re manipulative in an insidious way. And what you have is not a friendship but a co-dependent relationship which is extremely damaging and crippling. It will self-destruct. 

9. Exploiting or Using a friend. 

Do you have “friends” who call you only when they need something? Or who keep asking favors from you – just because you belong to the same church? Oops. I’m stepping on many toes here! 

Friends who are users and exploiters will drop you like a hot potato, and forget about you, the minute you’re no longer of any use to them. Drop them before they drop you. Not to worry, one day they might need your help again – next time, be wiser. 
10. Envy between friends. 

This has to be one of the ugliest reasons for a friendship to die. I’ve seen people fabricate things, falsely accuse, or tear down their “friends,” just because they envied them. I’ve been a victim of this, several times. It was an unimaginably ugly thing that caused me much anger, pain, and grief – especially since I was betrayed by people who I thought were our very good friends. 

It was so tempting to retaliate, since all I had to do was just push the right buttons – but if you consider Jesus your Friend, you won’t take revenge. You will, in fact, let Him avenge and vindicate you because that’s what He commands us to do: “...’Vengeance is mine,’says the Lord.” 

I have long forgiven these “friends” (some of whom we even helped professionally and financially). Amazingly, I have also witnessed how God dealt with them, one by one, in ways that made them suffer much, much more than I did. Indeed, it is a terrible thing to fall into the hands of the living God. His revenge is much more precise, more efficient, and more painful than ours – so let God avenge you. 

I think God despises those who betray their friends – remember what happened to Judas? He was so miserable after he betrayed Jesus (remorse, not repentance) that he hung himself, and his guts spilled out when he fell to the ground. 

On the other hand, I’ve seen God richly, richly reward people who are true friends. While they’re not exempt from trials just like all of us, God showers the with grace and favor in the midst of their difficulties. 

A true friend is someone who encourages and inspires you to become a better person. A true friend can stand on his own two feet, and yet be there for you on his own terms, in a way that respects your boundaries. A true friend will help you to become the best version of yourself! 

The Bible says it excellently: “As iron sharpens iron, so a friend sharpens a friend.” 

This piece is dedicated to my true friends. Thank you for enriching my life. You know who you are!
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