January 24, 2018, 9:46 am
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Culinary adventure with Bistro Madrid

THE rebranded branch in Forbes Town is now open to serve the finest Spanish delicacies.

Filipinos are big on dining. It is during this occasion that people exchange stories over hearty servings of good food. Spanish cuisine, to be particular, is also close to Filipino heart since most of our cultural influences are shaped by it. The new and improved Bistro Madrid elevates the way you enjoy your food without sacrificing quality.

Tease your senses with exciting flavors brought about by the Spanish dishes. Step back in time and discover the roots of the Occidental Culinary Culture, initiated in Southern Spain by the Phoenicians. It is the home of the sea salt industry and where experts in red tuna and codfish proudly pass their skills to the next generation. Unique grapes and prestigious wines are also plenty. And the best olives are harvested and taken care of to maximum. 

“It is my deepest wish that with each visit to Bistro Madrid you experience the unique taste of the 17 regions that make Spain an authentic mosaic of culinary cultures, flavors, fragrances and textures. Savor the incredible history that inspires our cuisine.” Owner-Chef Juan Carlos de Terry said.

Dining in Forbes Town is made flavorful with the presence of Bistro Madrid. Bistro Madrid is open from 7:30am, Mondays – Sundays. It closes at 12:00mn Mondays, Tuesdays, Tuesdays and Sundays. And closes at later hours at 2:00am from Wednesdays – Saturdays.

Catch more food updates and promos at their new page, www.facebook.com/bistromadridph.
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