July 26, 2017, 10:46 am
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Chat Fores; Mapping the Philippine Seas

AT the Robinson’s Magnolia compound in Quezon City, the very successful interior decorator, Chatra Fores, after losing weight, decided to partner with friend, Gracia Buban to open a branch of “Curves”, and exclusive exercise and body fitness salon.

According to Chat, these are the reasons why Curves works: “the salon offers a 30-minute total body workout and the Curves circuit works every major muscle group while elevating your heart rate to your target zone for a full 30 minutes.

“The Curves circuit combines cardiovascular and strength training so you lose weight and gain muscle. The hydraulic resistance machines make it possible to burn up to 500 calories per workout.

“There are coaches who not only guide you each workout….they conduct monitoring and monthly coaching sessions, ensuring that you reach your goals“ and… the Curves
Women’s Health and Fitness Initiative Program proves that the Curves workout protects muscles, burns body fat and raises metabolism of women.”
Someone in the crowd quietly whispered and asked how I got myself invited to Curves’  opening as it is exclusively for women. My eyes wondered at the priest who blessed the new establishment; I saw Dr. Ed and Dr. Leo Fores (Chat’s father and brother respectively); there was Chat’s husband, Hugo Lozano and an array of male waiters, chefs, and cooks present that morning.

As for me, I’m the friend of Minerva Tanseco, Chat’s aunt; and Beng Fores, Chat’s mother. My presence at the opening of Curves, an exclusive salon for women can be explained……I used “mother power” !!!


Jayson D. Vicedo, the marketing and PR assistant of the Metropolitan Museum, requested me to inform you that an   exhibition titled “Mapping the Philippines Seas” will   open   March 15, 2017   at 10 a.m.

The exhibition will feature an array of antique maps dated as early as 16th century up to the early 19th century including some important maps in Philippine history. This is made through a partnership with Philippine Map Collector’s Society (PHIMCOS).

This is also to inform you that Ronald Ventura’s ‘Shadow Forest’ Exhibit is extended until March 14, Tuesday.
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