February 27, 2017, 3:05 pm
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Channel your inner rock star with Levi's 505C

Punk fashion of the ‘70s–ripped jeans, leather jackets, silver metallic accessories, spikes, studs, statement tees with loud messages, and heavy makeup–rocked and stunned the fashion world. Wildly different from mainstream styles of the decade, the ’70s punk-rock fashion was a massive rebellion against conformity and capitalism in the UK and the USA. 

One of the better-known counterculture movements that saw the rise of punk-rock fashion was the Summer of Love in 1967. At least 100,000 people, mostly young rebels sporting hippie and punk-rock clothing,
gathered in Haight-Ashbury in San Francisco - and at different parts of the US, Europe and Canada, too-to celebrate peace, love, gender equality, and communal living. 

That same year, Levi’s 505, the renowned brand’s high-rise and zipper-fly jeans, arrived at a time of rock and rebellion and soon became one of the era’s most iconic punk-rock clothing pieces.

Pop artists, graffiti writers, and musicians tore, wore, and brandished Levi’s 505 as the “unofficial stage jeans,” turning it into a signature pair for rock icons. 

For instance, The Ramones donned the 505 on the cover of their self-titled album, 1970. Debbie Harry ruled the stage as she wore a pair of 505 in her performances. Levi’s 505 was also the star of Rolling Stones’
Sticky Fingers album cover. 

Today, re-mastered to suit this generation’s rebels and rockers, the ageless 505 is back. Whether you are a rock ‘n’ roller by heart, or simply want to spice up your ensemble, dare to rebel by wearing Levi’s 505 C.
This new incarnation of Levi’s 505™ retains its classic leg style, zip fly and rigid denim, but is customized–hence the ‘C’–for today’s preferred fit: slim. 

A modern take on the timeless 505, the 505 C likewise features finishes made for various body types, making you look and feel ready to rock and roll–in supreme comfort. 

So bring out that inner rebel with Levi’s 505 C, the perfect jeans for that rock star look.
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