March 22, 2018, 8:23 am
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CCP presents Legaspi’s ‘Lying in State’

THE Cultural Center of the Philippines and 100 Years of Cesar Legaspi present Lying in State, the much anticipated launching exhibit of National Artist Cesar Legaspi’s birth centenary.  

Lying in State is on view at the CCP’s Bulwagang Juan Luna (Main Gallery) and 2nd and 3rd floor hallway galleries, until June 4. It opened on April 2.

Featuring the artist’s public art projects and state commissions, including those from the collections of the Cultural Center of the Philippines, the National Museum of the Philippines, and Malacanang Palace, Lying in State will feature unique collaborations with younger generations of artists from diverse fields: from lantern makers of Pampanga to media artists taking off from Legaspi pieces employing animation and video projection.

Viewing hours are from Tuesday to Sunday, 10am-6pm. Free admission.

Aside from the exhibit itself, a series of related activities will be held from April to June 2017 at the CCP as an educational component to the exhibition. 
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