February 27, 2017, 3:07 pm
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Boy Abunda endorses TechnoMarine’s Cruise Medusa

TECHNOMARINE’S Cruise Medusa, the latest addition to its bestselling Cruise collection, is a fusion of the brand’s rich history and contemporary design for a bolder, more adventurous wearer.

Inspired by the natural rhythms and eloquence of the ocean, the brand’s timepiece is rich in dimension and attitude and an expression of luxury in motion. It is endorsed by the “King of Talk” in local show business, Boy Abunda.

 “This is fascinating because when TechnoMarine and I were talking about concepts on how the branding was going to be… we started about the sea. It certainly was a familiar territory to me,” said Abunda.

 “The best thing about TechnoMarine watches is it is part of your body… it is part of your swimming. You don’t worry about the watch that you wear because it belongs to the sea. It is refreshing,” he added.

TechnoMarine’s timepieces represent the attributes of freedom and elegance.

 “The watch that I am wearing, which is part of the Cruise collection, is my favorite because it was used in one of the first pictorials that I did for TechnoMarine some two years ago. I wear it during my shows and take if off before sleeping time. I have
the watch with me every minute of the day… it has become a part of my body,” Abunda said.

 “The thing about the watch is, even if it has diamonds… I can wear it with jeans, I can wear it anywhere. It doesn’t select. It can also be used with any kind of outfit,” he added.

Abunda said when he switches from one TechnoMarine watch to another for weeks at a time he doesn’t need to adjust the watches as these are reliable and give the correct time.

For him, timepieces have to be tried and true. “It looks good that I get a lot of comments from my staff in some of my shows… it represents an aspiration. It makes you feel good because it is something that others want,” he said.

When asked if he is a watch person, Abunda said: “Yes, because I do shows and I have to be on time.” He has five TechnoMarine watches and which he chooses to wear depends on the frame of mind, theme, etc.

He describes TechnoMarine’s “Live Deeper” as something that one journeys towards and something that one has from the very beginning.

 “Living deeper is covering the surface to the bottom and everything in between if we are talking about the sea. I mean, praising everything that is there. It is not about the perfect life, it is about the whole thing – bad, good and moving forward to
something better,” Abunda said.

He added that one has to embrace the whole package of life – happiness, sadness and pains – and move towards something better.

Abunda loves the sea saying “the surface does not necessarily give you an indication of what is at the bottom. Sometimes, it is serene, rough and quiet… you don’t really know.”

 “There are times when you just want some peace and sit in front of the sea and… you are okay. It is the holistic concept of life,” he explained.

To live deeper is also about making choices and standing by them, Abunda said. 

 “In our lives, we cannot make the ‘right’ choices… it is making choices. It is important to make a choice and stand by these choices. If the choice is right, good for you; if it is not, move on to the next choice,” he noted.
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