March 22, 2018, 8:23 am
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Book lovers haven

By Maria Elena Gonzales

IN the digital age, a second hand bookstore has found a way to stay afloat in the Summer Capital.

Nurse turned bookworm, Maricar Dogyogen has set up her shop, Bookends, to cater to lovers of the printed word as well antique collectors and art enthusiasts all converging into her small shop.

Docyogen has found herself at the center of events since she opened 2010 selling used books and several odds and ends.  

Some of the items were from her personal collection while the books came from suppliers from Southeast Asia she has networked with since 2004 when she was dabbling into the business for the first time.

Docyogen admits her fondness for reading fuelled her passion to get into the business of selling books when the opportunity presented itself years ago.

She tried and was successful to launch her store in an online buy and sell set up using social media to present her handpicked books and either sell or bid to an audience which became larger than what she expected in a

 “We now even ship books here and abroad through the online bids and postings we do.”

Docypgen now gets her books in bulk, unlike in the early days when she had the time and the energy to handpick each paperback.

 “Every book is a surprise now, when you open the boxes they send, you have no idea what is inside, it’s exciting.”

Docyogen has since expanded her store as well as her wares, quite unexpectedly when local artists found her shop to be a convenient showroom, starting with a few unknown but prolific ones who did not have a base but wanted to display their creations.

Docyogen has since “adopted” local artists into her shop and become a quaint find of books, art and bric and brac.
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