February 27, 2017, 2:59 pm
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Be a cool dad in Dockers’ Jean Cut

Ah, the joys of new fatherhood–a baby to love and nurture, a baby to begin and end your day, a baby to think about when you plan for a bright future. There are a lot of good things to say about caring for the
little one’s well-being every single blessed day but all fathers can attest to the fact that having a baby changes everything: the domestic routine, the career front, the social agendas, even the “me” times spent
in the gym. 

Some men even take fatherhood so seriously that they tend to let themselves go–think new dad in a hoodie, a loose shirt, a cap, and jogging pants. 

Well, we’ve got news for you. You may lose the Pokemon Go or chuck the late-nights-out with the boys but you certainly don’t need to throw away your good, ole fashion sense in the name of fatherhood. 

Here, Dockers shares tips for new daddies who want to stay on top of their grooming and styling games:

Pick your size. Stop wearing oversize shirts just to feel comfortable. In fact, don’t buy clothes that are neither too large nor too small–just pick your size. 

Have a style icon. There are a lot of celebrities and businessmen who are dads, but still manage to look cool. Pick an icon with a body type similar to yours, and start from there. 

Always be well groomed. Don’t get stuck in the daddy stereotype of unshaven face and untidy hair. Clip your beard meticulously or shave it if you can’t grow one. A nice tip for your next haircut is to keep the
back and sides short, with extra volume on top. 

Invest in the right clothes. Expect a hike in the family budget; caring for a baby comes with a price. Don’t let this stop you from buying new and better clothes, however. Invest in trusted brands that are known
not just for style but for quality, as well.

For instance, Dockers has long been renowned for great men’s wear, particularly jeans. Take Dockers’ Jean Cut, which seamlessly blends comfort and style—perfect for new dads.

Popular for its rugged and casual feel, Dockers’ Jean Cut can keep you on the go, at work or play, and when changing the baby’s nappies. With its sturdy rivets, double-needed seams, authentic five-pocket
styling, and a hint of stretch, the Jean Cut is classy and laid-back at the same time. 

Even better, Dockers’ Jean Cut comes in a range of fabrics, finishes, and colors–grey, black, indigo, olive, and navy blue, among others–that allows you to dress according to your preference and mood. 

By sporting the Jean Cut, you can be the dad with an easy-going but classy vibe. 

One last tip: style is a state of mind. Savor the joys of, and don’t be overwhelmed by, the responsibilities of fatherhood. This joy is what will make you feel as great as you look. 
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