November 24, 2017, 5:04 pm
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ON November 12, ArtistSpace and Gallery Big will present HOME, the third solo exhibition of visual artist, Jaime Gubaton. 

The artist who made a name for himself by winning grand prizes in Petron and PLDT art competitions as a student, Gubaton will present twelve oil and acrylic on canvas paintings, which include a 10-feet wide diptych,

two other major works, and two sets of serial works with four works comprising each series. An opus exhibition, Home combines all of Gubaton’s subjects and themes:  the zoomed-in faces, the stylized buildings, colorful geometric patterns, fabric patterns, and hyper realistic birds, flowers, and insects; all painted over well-constructed color fields and accented with textural elements.

In this third solo exhibition, Gubaton expounds on the idea of home, relating not just to structure, and the surroundings it belongs to, but to the panoply of ideas relating to it:

 family, belonging, security, happiness, love, memory, intimacy, time, and, surprisingly, balance.  It is quite expected for an exhibition to showcase family and the belonging, comfort, security and intimacy one has, when one is happily with them.  Though expounded on by fewer artists, the ideas of a past, of rootedness, are still commonly painted about home.

This is true for works in this exhibition where personal vignettes are included in code where Gubaton puts in portions pertaining to memories, as well as hopes for the present and the future.  Gubaton though, pushes the concept further, by focusing on balance in the home, both compositionally and conceptually, in this exhibit.  And this is what separates him from the rest. 

The concept of balance can be seen in his composition, which uses a grid to locate focal points in diagonal opposition, to enable the eye to rove the area, and to delight on new elements as it does.  

In his smaller works, the outline of a house is twisted, to create an abstraction which has a dynamic appeal because of the diagonals which seem to put motion in the composition.  More importantly, and quite unique to Gubaton, is how he created the paintings as a sort of exposition of opposites:  nature and man-made structure,

past and the future, memories and dreams, and if you subscribe to a symbolist reading, man represented by birds and clear cut geometry, and woman, represented by flowers and flowing textile patterns.

 Each work in the series expounds on the harmony of opposites; an Oriental concept of the Tao of Yin and Yang, which is new to the visual vocabulary of the representations of home.  Here, the home is a state of harmony, and the home, itself, can be seen as a metaphor for other things like sustainable progress, or even the esoteric ideal of happiness.

For these reasons, as well as the high level of skill by which Gubaton has rendered each work in this exhibition, this exhibition is worth the visit.

HOME will be on view at the ArtistSpace until November 26, 2017.  ArtistSpace is located at the Ayala Museum Annex, Ground Level, Makati Avenue corner De La Rosa Street, Makati City. It is open from Mondays to Sundays, 10 AM to 7 PM. Admission is free.
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