November 24, 2017, 5:05 pm
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‘To Share A Gift of God’

Filipino artist Orlando L. Tiongco truly believes that, in his late age of 66 years, God gifted him with a “talent” to transpose His creation into art and canvas so that men may learn to know that God loves each one of them immensely.   He is now 79 years old and after an absence of almost 7 years from the art scene, Orly T. as he is known to his friends, is back for his Fourth Art Exhibit, “To Share A Gift of God”, at my favorite eating hub - Chef Jessie Rockwell Club in Makati City starting November 4, 2017, culminating on November 30, 2017.

Orly T.  first held his One-Man   Show entitled “To Share A Gift of God” at Art For Space, Alabang Town Center, Alabang, Muntinlupa on July 13 – 23, 2006.          

In September 22, 2007, a year after his first one man show, it was a joy for Orly T. that one of his artworks entitled “Salubong” was selected Finalist in the 2nd AAP-ECCA Semi-Annual Abstract Art Competition held jointly by the Art Association of the Philippines and the Exhibition Center For Contemporary Art (ECCA).

His painting entitled “Fisher of Men” was published in Philippine Art Now, a book published by the late, renowned author, Manuel D. Duldulao (by the way, Tessie Duldulao, Manny’s wife and portrait artist, just passed away a few days ago), launched on July 23, 2008. On September 5 – 30, 2008, Orly T. held his 2nd One-Man Art Exhibit at the Le Soufflé@Fernando’s, Rockwell Center, Makati City; while his Third Solo Art Exhibit, “To Share a Gift of God in Pastel and Acrylic”, was held on October 1- 31, 2010 at the same venue, renamed “Chef Jessie Rockwell
Club”.  Both shows were successful.  Although Orly T. has sort of mellowed his pace, he is now excited and prepared for the opening of his Fourth Solo Exhibit.

Orly T. was born in Bacolod City   on May 11, 1938, the eldest son of Leonor Tolentino Lopez and Silvestre Sonora Tiongco, respectively of Jaro and Molo, Iloilo City. Prior to his retirement in 2003 and of being gifted by God of his art, he was Vice President in charge of the Legal Services Division of a universal commercial bank, the President of a private ports owners association and Corporate Secretary of three financial institutions and several companies in the Philippines.

Orly T.  first started to paint during a visit to his son, John Patrick L. Tiongco, in New Zealand.

Mesmerized by the beauty of the country, one day in December 2004, while sitting in the dining room of his son’s residence in Pakuranga, Auckland, New Zealand, admiring the scenic “reserve” (a natural open space maintained by the NZ government), he was inspired to paint it, though he had no prior formal training in the arts.

Pleased at the outcome of his very first attempt at painting and encouraged by his wife Emilie and by generous, good hearted relatives and friends who complimented him on his painting, he visited libraries in New Zealand to learn more from the Masters of the art. He discovered that God had given him the gift and talent to paint. Not wanting to be like that unfaithful servant of the gospel that buried the “talent” in the ground, he wanted this “talent” to grow so as to share the boundless beauty of God’s creation and His immense love for humanity.

He began to paint the splendor of New Zealand and continued his art when he returned to the Philippines. His lack of formal training allowed him to paint from the heart, that worked to his advantage, giving him a unique style and technique truly his own, a potpourri of learning from the paintings of American, European and, later on, of Filipino artists.

His artworks continued to progress as his love for God did. Artists like Michael Lang, Max Grunin and Roger Bansemmer continue to inspire him. He has not forgotten the encouragements he received from his niece and nephew, Ann and Don Quibilan (Gallery owners) and from a kind, unselfish, talented and young Filipino artist, William Barabona, to whom he is truly grateful.

The life and character of National Artist Benedicto Cabrera has also inspired him to excel. His art pieces are now appreciated and enjoyed in some countries of the world.

Orly T. remains obsessed with painting and has found in it a beautiful form of relaxation of mind, body and soul which put him in constant communion with God to whom he is eternally grateful for having bestowed upon him at the late age of 66 this gift of translating beauty into canvas. 

Orly T. is very happily married to Emilie, his wife and girl friend of 60 years.  This is definitely another gift “from the above” and his relationship with Emilie is something he will treasure and nurture for the rest of his life.

Senior Citizens indeed have so much to explore and live for in life!

With God in the center of one’s life, age become only a number…and that number increases and multiplies and many aspects in life.

Therefore, may life be more and more beautiful for everyone as time goes by…..
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