February 27, 2017, 3:16 pm
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TV5 strengthens commitment to indie filmmakers with partnership with Brillante Mendoza

TV5 is set on being the alternative choice for the viewing public this 2017. 

Chot Reyes, TV5 president, excitedly announced that the network is bringing another first to Philippine free television after its sports coverage of the Philippine Basketball Association (PBA) season and Tagalized versions of popular American US television series. 

“We are partnering with the only Cannes Film Festival award-winning director from the Philippines, director Brillante Mendoza,” said Reyes, “We’re very excited because aside from our sports and entertainment programs, we are continuing to produce. And the only main difference is we want to make sure we are telling stories with a different look, a different voice, a different feel. We want to give the viewing public content that hasn’t been seen – as much as possible – on local television.

“And so we thought who better to do this than Direk Brillante Mendoza?” he continued, “We’re very honored that all these years kami ang pinaunlakan niya to work and partner with us. He is indeed more than a director, he’s a content partner of TV5. But not only are we coming up with the ‘Brillante Mendoza Presents’ which is the made-for-TV monthly series starting this January, we’re also coming out with 13 episode mini-series entitled ‘Amo,’ which is going to premiere in February starring Derek Ramsay.”

Each episode, revealed Mendoza, will be shot on location in different parts of the country. 

“The first will be shot in Binondo, so we’ll focus more on the Chinese New Year,” he related, “Alam natin significant ang Chinese community sa bansa natin so importante na sine celebrate ito. The second will be in Baguio. We will also shoot in Mindanao and Davao, in Tawi-Tawi and the most interesting parts of the country na mayroong mga kwento na galing du’n sa lugar na ‘yun.” 

“Amo” will be about the illegal drug trade, a topic he touched on in last year’s Cannes Film Festival entry “Ma’ Rosa,” which earned lead actress Jacklyn Jose the Best Actress award. 

“In each episode we will focus on a certain character that we will follow. Iba’t ibang characters as we go along, basta ang focus is illegal drug trade.” 

“We have another project, it’s also very exciting as it features new breed of filmmakers,” he shared, “So hindi lang ako, mayroon ding ibang filmmakers who will also be highlighted in this partnership. 

“The nice thing about this is dito nakikita na natin ang commitment ng TV5 sa TV na gusto nilang ipakita ang support nila sa alternative and indie. So that’s why we have a new breed of filmmakers. Ito namang filmmakers na ito mga full-length films ang gagawin nila. So TV5 will also be producing full-length films. But these films, ang intention nito not only for commercial release but for international release sa mga festivals. ‘Yun ‘yung goal natin. These are not ordinary commercial films, films talaga na mayroong content which will show Filipino society. I’m really, really excited with these projects and my partnership with TV5,” he further related.

The name Brillante Mendoza is synonymous with excellent films that reflect the unfiltered realities of society. Viewers can expect the same quality of storytelling and craftsmanship in “Brillante Mendoza Presents,” assured Reyes.

“One of the main reasons we want to partner with direct is because of the equity his name brings and the message it sends that we are open,” he declared, “TV5 is open to partnerships. You’re a filmmaker, a storyteller, you have a nice concept, come to us, partner with us. We can co-produce. 

“We’re not going to be bound by previous practices,” he stressed, “we’re wide open! And no better way to show how serious we are but to partner with Direk Brillante and also his new breed of five or six young unknown directors who are going to produce full-length films.”

“That’s the kind of mood we want to make for 2017,” he stated, “to be known in that space. To position ourselves really as an alternative, a choice to the televiewers and soon the movie public and to the Filipino content consuming public in general.”
It is also a testament to their commitment to provide viewers with shows that raise the level of free TV entertainment, he added. 

Brillante Mendoza has been making the rounds of international film festivals since his first movie, “Masahista,” in 2005. He is the only Filipino to have won Best Director in the prestigious Cannes Film Festival for his feature film, “Kinatay,“ a story of a young man who suddenly finds himself in a criminal syndicate. With “Brillante Mendoza Presents,” TV5 is giving the director another space to feature his work and reach out to Filipinos from all walks of life.
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