January 24, 2018, 9:23 am
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Three ladies and an ex: Rhian, Max, Lovi compete for Dennis’ heart

CAN three beautiful, independent women who still have feelings for the same guy – their ex-boyfriend –set their personal differences aside and fight for love fairly? Or will this be the case of every woman for herself?

This 2018, GMA starts the year with the sexy romantic comedy, “The One That Got Away,” featuring Rhian Ramos, Max Collins, Lovi Poe as the three ladies in love with the same guy – Liam – played by Dennis Trillo. 

The first ex-girlfriend is Lovi, who plays Alexandra Rey “Alex” Makalintal. Beautiful, independent, family-oriented and incredibly career-driven, she fell madly in love with Alex. Their families and friends approved of the relationship, but when wedding talks started, Alex’s career got in the way. She rejected Liam’s marriage proposal and they parted ways,

Max is the second girlfriend – Darlene “Darcy” Sibuyan. She and Liam met after Liam broke up with Alex. They became friends until they fell for each other. But when Darcy got the chance to go abroad, she took it. The long-distance relationship didn’t work for both of them, eventually breaking them apart.

The third ex – Sophia Elizabeth “Zoe” Velasquez – is played by Rhian. Zoe is a swimwear designer and blogger who is always out for fun. Her parents separated when she was young, which is why Liam was like family to her. However, Zoe’s possessive tendencies and Liam’s busy schedule took a toll on their relationship. 

Dennis is William Dominic “Liam” Ilustre. He is the ideal boyfriend – handsome, smart, loving and a gentleman. He manages his own organic farm and dreams of a big, happy family. When he gets into an accident and wakes up from a comatose, he finds his three exes together in his hospital room. 

The three lovely women are still in love with him. But who will win his heart again? More importantly, how does friendship thrive among Alex, Darcy and Zoe if they were all once romantically linked with the same man?

Also starring in this frenzied tale is a roster of talented actors with boyish good looks and arresting charm.

Ivan Dorschner is Iñigo Sandoval, Liam’s college friend and a trust fund baby who graduated with a business degree. He loves traveling the world and meets a lot of women doing so. Later on, he falls in love with Darcy and this will cause a conflict with him and Liam.

Migo Adecer is Samuel “Sam” Isaac, Zoe’s mischievous half-brother. Since he came home from Australia, he moved in with Zoe and she assigned him to manage one of her coffee shops. He has a lot of girlfriends in the past. He also develops a crush on Alex. 

Jason Abalos is Gael Makalintal in his very first GMA project. He is Alex’s older brother and a cool single-dad to his 4-year old son, Nemo. He is also a chick-magnet and begins dating Zoe, causing a rift between him and Alex.

Joining the stellar cast are Bembol Roco as Pancho Makalintal, Alex’s jolly father and a wannabe rockstar who now teaches music part-time; Snooky Serna as Fatima “Patty” Makalintal, Alex’s conservative mother who is also a hopeless romantic and owns a small antique shop; Luz Valdez as Maria “Mama Ya” de los Reyes, Liam’s hip and motherly yaya who raised him like her own son; Ervic Vijandre as Joni, Darcy’s older brother who already has a son; Ayra Mariano as Mikaela “Ekay” Makalintal, the kikay younger sister of Alex who dreams of becoming an actress and develops a crush on Sam; Nar Cabico as Bunny, Darcy’s bubbly gay friend and a fellow personal trainer at the gym; Ashley Rivera as Paris, a constant backstabber and segment host at the cable network Alex works at; Sophie Albert as Chanel, Liam’s current girlfriend and a sophisticated marketing executive for a local clothing brand; Jason Francisco as Moi, Liam’s childhood friend who is also the crew leader at his organic farm and crushes on Onay; Patricia Ismael as Onay, also a funny crew at the organic farm; Dea Formilleza as Vanessa “Bangs” Carmona, Joni’s girlfriend; Euwenn Aleta as Nicolas Monroe “Nemo” Makalintal, Gael’s smart, loving son and the entire family’s happy pill.

“The One That Got Away” is a product of the visionary mind of Angeli “Geng” Delgado (concept creator), Palanca Awardee Renei Dimla (head writer); under the tutelage of the creative team headed by Roy Iglesias (creative director), Agnes Gagelonia-Uligan (senior creative consultant), under the supervision of the production team of GMA Entertainment Content Group headed by Lilybeth G. Rasonable (SVP for ECG), Redgie Magno (VP for Drama), Cheryl Ching-Sy (AVP for Drama), Hazel Felizmenia Abonita (Senior Program Manager) and Michelle Borja (executive producer). 

Under the direction of Mark dela Cruz with Conrado Peru, “The One That Got Away” airs beginning January 15 on GMA primetime.
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