April 23, 2018, 8:07 am
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Solenn will be home for the holidays, missing Nico

Solenn Heussaff is the ultimate “It Girl” and the other half of the coolest couple right now with her husband Nico Bolzico. She’s an actress, singer, painter, author, blogger, model, and make-up artist among other things. But one more thing about her is that Solenn is a true fan of
Christmas. “I love Christmas!” she gushes. “Christmas decorations, Christmas songs, I love!”

 “Every year para sa akin, dapat masaya ang Christmas. I make sure na I spend time with family and we eat together. Para sa akin, pinaka-important na nandoon kaming lahat as a family”

Of course, this year’s gathering will be completed with her favorite ham. “Kailangan nandoon ang favorite ko na ham – CDO Premium Holiday Ham!”

Before, Solenn admits that, “Hindi ko alam ‘yung mga details about ham like if it has extenders or not. Pero last year, doon ko narealize na – oo nga ‘no, may difference talaga ‘yung CDO Premium Holiday Ham with other commercial hams found in the market.”

She cites that it’s CDO Premium Holiday Ham’s whole boneless meat from the hind leg that makes it different from others. Since it’s made of whole meat, it can be smoked in ham nets and it definitely has no extenders. Other hams in the market are only molded from different cuts of pork.

“I hate extenders in food. I love that CDO Premium Holiday Ham has absolutely no extenders!”

Now on her second year as the endorser of CDO Premium Holiday Ham, Solenn is delighted to represent something she loves. “Ako talaga from the start I only endorse products I believe in. Favorite ko talaga CDO Holiday Ham with cheese ball and pandesal, same sa ginagawa ng mom ko. It reminds me of Christmas.”

This year, like every other year, Christmas will be spent with her immediate family. “Usually, every Christmas Eve, si Erwann (Heussaff, Solenn’s brother) ang nagluluto. It’s just him, me, Anne (Curtis, her sister-in-law), my sister, my brother-in-law; very small lang kami.” This year they will also be joined by another sibling from Singapore, Solenn enthusiastically shares. “Tapos, opening na ng gifts!”

Solenn, however, will be missing someone special this year as her outrageously funny and handsome hubby Nico will be in his home country of Argentina for a month. She was all set to go with him but decided against it. “Dapat pupunta ako. It’s part of my duty din as a wife. Pero nung makita ko ‘yung mga gagawin ko for next year, sabi ko kay Nico na it’s not yet time. May one week off ako, pero papuntang Argentina 30 hours na ‘yung trip. Not worth it na nandun lang ako ng four days.”

The two have gotten used to being apart during the Christmas holidays but still cannot help missing each other. Fortunately, technology today makes it easier for them to communicate. Solenn also confesses, “Okay lang naman sa amin kasi siyempre his family, nandun. And hindi naman ako selfish or possessive. Buong year nandito na siya sa akin. It’s just one month – every December.”

 One thing’s for sure, Solenn’s career is anything but relaxed as 2018 is set to be another big year for her. She has two movies in the works, her “Taste Buddies” lifestyle show that is still going strong, and another show called “All Star Videoke” that has been extended. Not to mention her sold-out Kalsada Painting exhibit where part of the proceeds went to the Kalipay Foundation sponsoring street kids will surely be followed by another run. She’s currently looking into giving art lessons to abused children first quarter next year.

But one more important thing that will keep Solenn busy this 2018 is the renovation of the house she and Nico will move into soon in preparation for a baby. Surely, the new dwelling will be the site of future Christmas celebrations with her favorite CDO Premium Holiday Ham. As Solenn envisions it, “Kapag may baby na kami, I think we really need to be together na talaga especially on those special days.” Solenn will have her whole family together on Christmas day with CDO Premium Holiday Ham as the centerpiece.  
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