September 21, 2017, 8:06 pm
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Short but sweet film depicts first love, new beginnings

In a short film titled “First Love,” released by Amaia last April 15, Maya (portrayed by Elia Ilano), the bubbly and charming daughter of young couple Jericho and Janine (played by Wilson Clemente and Kristina Bascon), quite unexpectedly meets the ‘love of her life’ when they move into their new home in Amaia Scapes Capas.

“I remember that time. I was helping Mom and Dad arrange our things. Then I saw him . . . ,” Maya tenderly recalls.

The two-minute film then depicts how Maya develops affection for, and a strong connection with, her new friend as they share precious moments together in the sprawling residential community in Tarlac.

Maya wistfully relates how he would comfort her “‘pag napagalitan ako ni nanay,” and how they would make up after wrangling over stuff as petty as marshmallows, which her friend hates. 

“I love him even if he doesn’t like marshmallows,” Maya declares. “And the best part is, my mom and dad like him.” 

But just when things are going well for the two of them, Maya finds herself desperately unhappy after the love of her life leaves without saying goodbye.

Feeling lost and forlorn, Maya seeks the company of people she loves, whose support encourages her to embrace her pain as part of her journey. It’s when she eventually moves on that she finally finds healing and the courage to start over.

Toward the end of the story, it is revealed that Maya’s love interest was an adorable neighborhood dog, and that her parents have given her a new one to call her own. 

Still, Maya only has fond memories of her ‘first love’. “I’ll always remember him even if our time together was too short. I’m thankful that I met him,” she says.

Stories of love and new beginnings such as Maya’s inspire Amaia Land Corp. to continue fulfilling its goal of bringing quality homes and a rich and rewarding living experience to Filipino families. 

As of this writing, “First Love” has garnered more than 700,000 views, 6,000 reactions, and 905 shares. 
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