February 18, 2018, 5:59 am
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Sharon and Gabby: Begin again

How can a TV ad whose online version was released earlier capture an entire nation in such sweeping fashion?

Try putting Sharon Cuneta and Gabby Concepcion, a much-missed love team from the ‘80s, in the same frame.

Sharon and Gabby’s a reunion, albeit in a TV commercial, has sent the web in a feverish state, awash with nostalgia. The viral commercial garnered over three million views in 24 hours and counting.

The even better thing to come out of the frenzy is the fact that Cuneta and Concepcion, former on-screen and off-screen lovers, have renewed their ties. They wed in 1984 and parted ways three years after. They have recently followed each other on Instagram and Sharon, ever the effusive one, has waxed nostalgic about her reunion with Gabby and grateful about the public’s renewed loyalty and interest in them.

The ad is surely a masterstroke in promotion. But has the buzz translated to increased sales for the fast-food brand? What is sure is that the commercial has revived the once dormant Sharon-Gabby fandom who are ever eager for the 1980s golden couple to make a project together. 

There have been talks of a big-screen reunion prior to this turn of events but negotiations apparently fell through. The two last appeared together in a movie 26 long years ago in Viva Films’ “Tayong Dalawa.” With the sudden surge of support, even fixation on this charismatic screen pairing, will that movie reunion finally push through?

As the megastar has alluded to in a recent social media post, “It is only the beginning.”
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