March 31, 2017, 8:38 am
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Sarah L. misunderstands gay term

We got a heated phone call from Sarah Lahbati’s boyfriend Richard Gutierrez right after the presscon of her TV5 telesine, “More Than Words.” He said Sarah had been crying for two hours after we allegedly called her “p---.” We have no right to disrespect Sarah, he told us emphatically.
We had to think hard to remember when we insulted Sarah. When it finally dawned on us, we explained to Richard what had happened. 
Before the presscon of “More Than Words,” we asked Sarah if she was ready to face the press and be asked about some unsavory rumors about her. Sarah did not reply, but instead looked away. Her action made us laugh, and we said, “dedma ang p---h,” which is a gay way of saying that someone chose to ignore us. Sarah thought we called her a slut. We did not.
We admit to poor word choice and for that we apologize to both Sarah and Richard.
Carl Guevara and Kris Bernal are still a couple.
Just when everybody thought that the secretive pair has finally called it quits specially after Carl became a freelancer and is a Kapatid for the time being, the former “Be Bench” winner is denying the rumor that they’ve split. They have just returned from Japan for a six-day vacation with with Kris’ family.
It has been more than a year since Carl’s contract with GMA expired, so his management team PPL moved him to TV5, where he got three jobs, starting with the Mother’s Day presentation this Sunday, the original made for TV movie “More Than Words” opposite Sarah Labhati. Carl is also cast in the upcoming local version of “Pretty Little Liars” and the light comedy soap with the weird title, “Trenderas.”
Steven Silva finally gets his break.
GMA Artist Center star Steven is determined to showcase his singing, dancing, acting and cooking talent in the upcoming series “The Boston,” which will be aired this June. According to Steven, the audition experience for “The Boston” was very nerve-wracking and long, but in the end, it was worth it. His first audition was conducted in GMA in September 2013. “I had numerous call backs before I learned I was part of the final cast,” he recalled.
It was a very thorough audition and he feels the production really wanted the perfect actor to fill the right part. Steven recalls his journey before he clinched the role of Sid, a metrosexual who might be suspected as gay. 
“Boston” seems to be the second part of “Kitchen Musical” in Singapore, which starred Christian Bautista and Karylle.
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