March 22, 2018, 8:16 am
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Mother Lily says Janella is Regal’s jewel

Regal Entertainment matriarch Lily Monteverde hailed teen superstar Janella Salvador as the film firm’s jewel.

Salvador, who recently renewed her contract with Regal, is considered as the most versatile performer in her batch. She will be featured in four more films in the new deal, aside from the delightful rom-com “My Fairy Tail Love Story,” under the direction of IdeaFirst’s Perci Intalan.

The 19-year-old Janella has been carving a name as a competent actress and standout singer. At 14, she made audiences sit up and take notice as the girly Nik Nik in ABS-CBN’s morning ratings winner five years ago, “Be Careful With My Heart.” She then starred in her own morning series, “Oh My G,” and then was featured in the primetime drama “Born For You.” She also was front and center in Regal’s Metro Manila Film Festival top grossed in 2015 – the horror film “Haunted Mansion” and last year’s “Mano Po 6.” 

Janella, the daughter of performers Juan Miguel Salvador and Jenine Desiderio, was singled out to perform the theme song of Disney’s Moana for the Philippine release of the movie in November 2016. She was also handpicked by Hong Kong Disneyland to represent the country by recording its tenth anniversary theme song, “Happily Ever After,” which is included in her self-titled limited edition album. She also has a hit song to her name, “Mahal Kita Pero.” 
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