January 16, 2018, 11:15 pm
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Miss Millennial Philippines 2017’ : A pageant that highlights the beauty of the Philippines

LUZON-based Filipinas were the first ones to share the beauty and charm of their respective city and province in “Eat, Bulaga’s!” newest segment “Miss Millennial Philippines 2017.” 

On its first week, six millennials took center stage and showed off the attractions, rich history and culture, and must-try delicacies of their hometowns. 

Carina Cariño of La Union shared that apart from being the surfing capital of the Philippines, her province is being developed as an agri-tourism hub of Northern Luzon. She added that La Union is not only known for its beaches, but also for its old
churches, vineyards, pottery making, grape picking and cheerful locals. 

Jozlyn Manansala, on the other hand, described Laguna, the resort capital of the country, as “refreshing” as a trip down south will immerse tourists to the province’s rich history and culture. Locals are also proud of their handmade footwear and wood

Up north, Zambales representative Kimberly Johnson said they have the sweetest mangoes that could rival Guimaras’ famous product. The 20-year-old Miss Millennial added that everyone will surely enjoy the breathtaking islands and coves of
Zambales which is just a few hours away from Manila. 

Chelsea Claro of Nueva Vizcaya and Shaira Joy Dizon of Malabon also impressed the viewers with the sights and activities of the places they represent. Claro said Nueva Vizcaya is blessed with natural wonders and is a good trekking place for locals,
while Dizon said everyone should try the food and tricycle tours of Malabon. 

Meanwhile, Jaya Pearl Cartujano is the lone Visayan who promoted her hometown during the first week of the competition. She highlighted the white sand beaches and crystal clear waters of Capiz, the seafood capital of the Philippines. 

Dizon, Cariño, Manansala, Johnson, Claro and Cartujano are six of the 38 beauty pageant titleholders for “Miss Millennial Philippines 2017,” which offers a new take in celebrating beauty by focusing on the tourism aspect of the city or province the
ladies represent. 

In every episode of the longest-running noontime variety program, one entrant will present a video that best highlights the beauty of her hometown. All candidates are also given weekly challenges that will require them to produce creative and eye-
catching online content. These materials will then be uploaded on the show’s official accounts. 

“The beauty pageant with the girls on it is just secondary. The true pageant is how you sell your province to the viewers,” said Jeny Ferre, creative head of “Eat Bulaga.” 

“We want to create a better image of the country. And through this new segment, we want to show everyone, especially our fellow countrymen that the Philippines is worth a second look,” she also said. 

At the end of the competition, “Miss Millennial Philippines” grand winner, which will be determined through text and online votes, will receive a condominium unit from Bria Homes, a Mitsubishi Montero Sport, and P500,000. 

“Eat, Bulaga!” will also crown one Miss Bayanihan Queen who can produce the best online tourism campaign for her hometown. She will take home P100,000 and P1 million for her province. 

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