April 23, 2018, 12:24 am
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Liza Soberano offers hope for the weary

More than just a business venture, Liza Soberano’s Hope Hand and Foot Wellness center is an indication of the young actress’ sincerity in spreading the gospel of wellness to everyone.

At 19 and considered one of the busiest in her batch, Liza knows the importance of taking care of oneself, not just to improve one’s looks but to keep your whole self balanced. 

It all started with her aunt, Frances, who introduced to Liza the use of essential oils. 

 “It actually started when I was a little over eight months ago. I started using essential oils as part of my daily routine. When I would meditate I would use it, when I am going to sleep I would mix it with the diffuser just to help me fall asleep faster,” she related.

This set her on her path to wellness that she wants to eventually share to everyone.

“Wellness is not just something you do now – it’s forever. You can do it whenever you want, wherever you want. When you start practicing wellness rituals, you can bring that with you forever and it could possibly make you feel younger even as you age,” she explained. “And where I see my wellness center going is I want it to be bigger. I want it to be a platform for most Filipinos who aren’t educated enough about wellness rituals that it’s about time they start acknowledging wellness as part of their daily routine.”

GeiserMaclang’s Chief Communications Officer Amor Maclang predicts bigger things for Liza’s wellness path. The marketing communications expert believes Hope Hand and Foot Wellness is but a beginning of Soberano’s “wellness empire.”

“You’re probably wondering, bakit siya wellness for the hands and feet? Kasi ito ‘yung pinakaginagamit na body parts everyday. Your feet are what support you every day and your hands are what you use to create things – whether texting or writing or typing. You see the state of someone’s wellbeing thru someone’s hands and feet. The hands and feet tell so much of a story of a person person. When you shake someone’s hand and it’s rough, you know it’s a person who works so hard and probably deserves a wellness break. This was created for people who work so hard and stand on their two feet all day and make a stand for something other than themselves, just like Hope.”

Hope Hand & Foot Wellness is at U4, Creekside Square, 74 Tomas Morato, Quezon City.
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