March 31, 2017, 8:40 am
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Jen returns to first love

MARIAN Rivera finally gets a high-profile endorsement.
Since the start of 2014, the GMA primetime queen has gotten several endorsements but none as big as her last one where she becomes the Belo Medical Group summer girl endorsing two high-end procedures -- Venus Freeze and Permament Hair Removal. Dr. Vicki Belo says they have eight billboards for Belo’s summer girl.
That’s the most number of billboards for two of Belo’s procedures. Next month, Marian’s billboards will increase as she gets another high-end endorsement.
Troy Montero can still excite Aubrey Miles.
The pair of Troy and Aubrey are now semi-retired in showbiz but their partnership is still strong after eleven years. Admittedly, they are just living in but marriage is being talked about. Now with two young boys to take care of and Troy being a full-time businessman, you’d think they do not have time for each other, but thanks to the new BFPC product Euphoria Maxx, Troy can still satisfy his lady love.
The BFPC owner pair insist there is no better choice for the endorsement as both Aubrey and Troy believe that quality time is a major ingredient in the success of their relationship. Even their very erotic photo for the endorsement is sending out strong message that they are passionate about each other as Troy now has the help of Euphoria Maxx that has potent ingredients like L-Arginine, Tribuuls Terrestris, Horny Goat Weed and Tongkat Ali, herbs known to act as aphrodisiacs.
PLDT “Totes Amaze” girls really amaze.
The “kikay” pair of Chloe and Debbie, the “totes amaze” girls of PLDT’s TVolution, are indeed livewires. We were not able to ask them their real age or if they are still studying but somebody from PLDT told us the girls are just in their teens. What we want to find out is if they really act the same way as their on-cam characters. Turns out they are really lively. “Totes amaze,” by the way, means totally amazing, a catch phrase PLDT Home Fibr and TVolution is trying to popularize. Chloe and Debbie say with just three easy steps and just one hundred ninety nine pesos extra, your HDMI ready TV can become a movie player now with over two hundred new titles and counting. 
When “Starstruck” started, Jennylyn Mercado was actually known as the girl who can sing. After winning the ultimate female title alongside Mark Herras, Jennylyn was launched as a singer with GMA Records. It took a while for the actress
of “Rhodora X” to get back to one of her loves, but this Sunday, she launches her newest single entitled “Basta’t Nandito Ka,” as part of her album commemorating her tenth year in showbiz.
The soon-to-be released album will have ten OPM tracks, including “Abot Langit,” the theme of “Jewel in the Palace,” which will soon return on TV.
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