March 31, 2017, 8:39 am
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Elmo’s not so secretive anymore

ELMO Magalona feels more mature now.
He turned twenty last Sunday and so far has had four birthday celebrations: a family dinner, one during “Sunday All Stars,” a surprise birthday dinner with his “Villa Quintana” family and finally, a pocket birthday presscon given by GMA Artist Center. Elmo is overwhelmed and thankful. He himself has not prepared a party for his own but he’s making sure he gets one next year for his 21st.
There was a time when it was hard to get a statement from Elmo for the simplest questions. Now not anymore. He has matured a lot that you can ask him anything, even about his steady relationship with “Villa Quintana” partner Janine Gutierrez, and he will answer truthfully. And by the way, Janine’s gift to Elmo is a hard-to-find pair of running shoes that even the birthday boy had a difficult time finding.
Speaking of Elmo Magalona, his former partner Julie Anne San Jose has a new endorsement in addition to a hair product, a line of teen clothing and a network SIM. Ever Bilena’s Careline has just signed up the nine-platinum recording artist as it’s newest endorser for its young line, replacing another young star less than a year the former endorser was launched, maybe because of poor sales.
Julie Anne has proven that she can sell anything, her platinum awards and the sale of the products she endorses prove this. Maybe this is the reason why the top GMA Artist Center singer is reportedly being wooed by the rival network once her contract expires. Julie Anne is not confirming anything but she said she’s happy as a Kapuso.
Alwyn Uytingco is riding high as a gay guy.
After playing second fiddle so
many times since TV5 got a re-launch with “Babaeng Hampaslupa,” the Kapatid network is now realizing they have a star in their stable when they risked giving him his very own daily soap, “Beki Boxer.” Airing at TV5 weeknights before “Confessions of a Torpe,” “Beki” was given a high-profile promotion with at least five big billboards all over EDSA.
Pulled out originally from “Obsession,” Alwyn saw this as a blessing in disguise when he was offered the gay boxer role. No, he doesn’t mind playing gay roles as he has done it several times in the big screen, in Star Cinema’s comedy franchise, “Tanging Ina.” The only difference is that his big screen portrayal is out and loud, while his “Beki” character is closeted and demure.
The tweens have grown up and are playing more challenging roles. 
Bea Binene just joined the number one primetime soap, “Carmela,” as Alden Richards’ schoolmate and Marian Rivera’s rival to his heart.
Joyce Ching, meanwhile, joined the number one afternoon soap, “Villa Quintana,” as Janine Gutierrez’ rival for Elmo Magalona’s affection. 
While Bea “Carmela” character is nice, Joyce’s is the opposite and will stop at nothing to get Elmo before the long-running soap ends in June.
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