April 23, 2018, 12:24 am
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Christmas is more special this year for Vic

Christmas is much happier in the Sotto household this year, admitted Vic Sotto.

The actor just recently welcomed his first child, daughter Talitha Malia, with wife Pauleen Luna, and he said he’s feeling like a first time dad again.

“It’s been twenty-six years since I had a baby,” he said, referring to his erstwhile bunso, daughter Paulina Sotto, who is now Mrs. Llanes. 

He said his other kids – Paulina, Vico Sotto, Danica Pingris and Oyo Boy Sotto – are all delighted to welcome their new sister. 

“Pero mas excited ang mga apo ko,” volunteered Vic, “Kasi meron silang Tita Tali na baby.”

Another reason for his ear-to-ear grin is “Meant To Beh,” his entry in this year’s Metro Manila Film Festival. He has a new leading lady in the movie, Dawn Zulueta, and is directed by Chris Martinez.

“It’s a serious film na comedy,” described Vic. “It’s about family and relationships.”

“I tried something different, hindi naman fantasy. Let’s leave that to Vice and Coco.”

He admitted he missed participating in the yearly film festival. He was without an entry last year. 

“Ang sarap kayang sumakay sa float, kumaway sa mga tao. Masaya,” he related.

“Meant to Beh,” a joint production of OctoArts, APT and M-Zet, remains geared for the family, just like Sotto’s previous entries, but with an added flavor.

“I feel very positive about the project,” says Vic. “I’m certain that we have a winner in ‘Meant to Beh.’ For one, it holds various first which is refreshing for the viewers. It’s my maiden silver screen team-up with Dawn, my first movie under the helm of Direk Chris and it’s also my first MMFF entry in recent years which does not border on the fantasy-comedy-action genre. It’s very exciting!”

Since 2003, the ace comedian lorded it over the yearly MMFF box office race with films like “Lastikman,” “Fantastic Man,” and of course, the “Enteng Kabisote” series. This unparalleled success earned him the title Box Office King several times. Now, headlining a new offering minus the ingredients that people are traditionally used to seeing in his previous MMFF entries, Vic remains confident that his followers will still support him.

“I think the freshness of the material is one strong come-on,” he says, “Personally, I’m excited to do a genre like this. It’s a welcome thing for me: a family movie sans the fantasy and special effects. It’s a breather, actually. This is the perfect movie date for every Filipino family come Christmas day.

“When we were conceptualizing the project, we saw to it that it has something new to offer the viewers, not the same stuff I’ve done in recent editions of the MMFF. We carefully brainstormed together with Direk Chris and I’m so glad and proud with the outcome. For sure, the viewers can relate to the characters in the story.”
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