September 21, 2017, 8:02 pm
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Alex rants against rude foreigner

Alex Gonzaga reminded her fans of an important lesson she recently learned.

“Don’t let anyone, especially foreigners, disrespect you in your own country,” she said on social media. 

Just last week, she confronted because of rude behavior a Korean national who manages a restaurant here in the Philippines. 

“I asked the waiter to change our beef belly order with less fat, then the Korean manager/owner started attacking our table. She kept on shouting at us while explaining that they can’t do that,” she wrote on Twitter.

She went on to say she and her friends also noticed the bad treatment of the manager towards her servers. 

“I called the Korean manager and told her she should not be rude to any customer, especially when she’s in the Philippines, because we are all hospitable and caring to everyone here. It’s because of us [that] they have their business and they are earning,” she posted.


Former “Pinoy Big Brother” housemate Jesi Corcuera, who is a transman, is happy for Jake Zyrus, formerly known as Charice Pempengco, for sharing his transitioning stage in an episode of “Gandang Gabi Vice.”

“Some men are born in their bodies [while] others have to fight for it. That’s us,” Jesi tweeted.

“Naiiyak ako dahil alam ko kung ano ang pakiramdam at pinagdadaanan ni Jake Zyrus,” he added.

Jake soon thanked him on Twitter.

Jesi was a contestant in the reality show “Starstruck” in 2006.


Showbiz newcomer Tony Labrusca appreciates even the smallest of things that happens to him. His family once struggled financially and now that he has a job that allows him to provide for his loved ones, he is grateful for everything that comes his way.

The actor shared how he got to fulfill this dream for his mom Angel Jones – which is to treat her to a fancy restaurant. He described it as one of his most unforgettable moments with his mother.

“When I moved to the Philippines, kasi isang year pa lang ako sa Pinas, parang financially unstable po ako and ang nanay ko and I told her that ‘yung dream ko is that will be able to make enough money to eat at fancy restaurants without asking help from my stepfather or anybody else,” he related.

Tony acknowledged that his life started to turn for the better after he joined a reality competition on ABS-CBN. He got several offers, including his current role in the primetime hit “La Luna Sangre.”

“I started getting work after ‘Pinoy Boyband’,” he revealed, “It was such a good feeling na I would just ask my mom, ‘where do you wanna eat?’ We will eat anywhere and on Mother’s Day, we went to Sofitel. We were able to have a buffet. If we wanted wine, we got wine, so I think that’s my unforgettable moment. That my dream [has come] true. Kasi before, we couldn’t even afford to have certain food but now, we’ve been so blessed that we could eat anywhere we want. So I think just even that small thing, that’s something unforgettable for me.”

He and his mom are really close and he does not hide it. “I appreciate my mom naman na she is young, that she can relate more and she can understand more what I’m going through when I have to tell her about my secrets and when I have to tell her about the problems that I have. I like that my mom is very open with me…,” he said. 
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