February 24, 2018, 10:16 pm
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Tinali. Tinalo. Tinola.


MANY moons ago, I became a writer for Malaya through Winnie Velasquez and we said it would be a sharing of dining experiences and cooking tips. We needed a title for the column…adobo ba ? Sinigang ? 

A voice from the back resounded … I believe it came from Pocholo Romualdez. Or was it Winnie? Anyway it was the BEST title that any foodie could relate with: TINALI. TINALO. TINOLA.  Title pa lang,,,may kuwento na. The only one which did not appreciate the humor was the manok.

In the course of writing, I really did try to find out if fighting cocks did end up in a soup bowl when the fight is lost. I asked champion maker of fighting cocks Biboy Enriquez  about it then and he said, it would be like sipping a soup of steroids and antibiotics and such which were given to the fighting cock . Nevertheless, yes… the losing party does get cooked. Maybe boiled twice, thrice over not just to tenderize the meat but to cleanse out the “oids” and “biotics” from it. 

Tinola is one of the easiest ways it is prepared and enjoyed – soup and all. I also learned of another dish they call as “Escarlata”, cooked like estofado – sweet and spicy, like what one would do for game meats. 

And one more dish…an Adobo derivative which my friend Eloisa Poblador said was cooked for native hens and roosters which she said was called “Adobong Talunan”.  (Napakasakit naman…nagging tinola or adobo na…tinawag pang Talunan…eh, patay na nga!!!). Talunan dish was cooked with soy sauce, vinegar, shallots or Chinese pickled vegetables. I got to test this dish but on native chicken and it was a very tasty Adobo with the delicate sourness of the pickled mustasa and plenty of sibuyas Bombay. 

Would you like to try eating a real Talunan ?…There are several cooks just waiting and ready to cook these…they hang around cockpits. I’m sure there are taker but I guess the last guy who would eat a Talunang Tinola or Adobo or what not would be the owner of the rooster…
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