October 20, 2017, 9:35 am
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Shoot to kill

The plan of President-elect Duterte to “shoot to kill” is dangerous. It is open to abuse. His men who will shoot to  kill can always claim self-defense. The victims may be personal enemies.

The President-elect may well repeatedly explain to the public the circumstances under which shoot to kill may be justified. The   President may even  be accused of the summary killing of perceived enemies of the State.

Shoot to kill orders may please or displease enemies of the State. The gravest danger is the possible call by the Left to impeach the President. Likely than not peaceful citizens may support the idea of impeachment suspecting they could be the next victims.

Family planning

The President-elect has so many plans for the country but he has not said a word about the Reproductive Health. His silence about the subject may embolden the leaders of the Catholic Church to continue what appears to be successful campaign against protecting child-bearing women.

The leaders of the Church paid no heed to the meaning of the Pope’s warning not to multiply like rabbits. The Pontiff might have intended to support Reproductive Health law whose purpose is to protect the health of fetuses and their mothers.

Strangely, the Department of Health has no campaign supporting the welfare of mothers and the unborn children in their wombs. In fact the Catholic Church has described the health law as abortion.

Tuition increases

Students are protesting the plan to increase tuition fees in private schools. They are not aware that education is a business. Exclusive and expensive private schools admit students after passing admission tests.

The Department of Education has the biggest budget but children in public schools crowd out one another because there are not enough classrooms. Those who object to higher fees should suffer the inconvenience of cramped classrooms.

There are probably millions of children of indigenous tribes who do not go to school because their parents send them to work instead of going to school.

Government should spend more in setting up schools of higher learning in the provinces or remote areas. But first the salaries of teachers should be increased but only after passing admission tests before they are hired. Students should also pass admission tests.

Nestle’s ad campaign

The bulk of Nestle’s revenues come from   food products which are heavily advertised. The purpose of spending millions is to increase sales. The ad agencies and the TV stations accept advertising copy that may increase sales but mangle  English grammar.

For example, there is no such word as “protectus” a word I do not find in the dictionary. Before long this word may have popular usage but right now it is wrong.

The purpose is to make the word “protectus” rhyme with “bacillus,” a  word used in describing the elements of Yakult, a popular health drink.
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