February 24, 2017, 2:39 am
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Robredo calls for passage of land use bill

Vice President Leni Robredo called for the immediate passage of the  Comprehensive Land Use Bill to help address the massive housing backlog.

The Comprehensive Land Use Bill is among the four priority bills discussed  at a  recent meeting of the Legislative and Executive Development Advisory Council in Malacanang.

The others are  the On-Site, In-City, or Near-City Bill, the Department of Housing Bill and the Urban and Housing Development Act amendments on eviction. 

“If you recall there has been a move to have a moratorium for conversion from agricultural to residential. While we acknowledge there has been so much abuse in the past, we were scared that it would, for a very large extent, affect our housing programs. But this happens because we don’t have a comprehensive land use bill, so of the four I think that is most important,” Robredo said in a forum organized by Phinma Properties yesterday.

“If this will be one of the priority legislations of this administration, there is a very big chance that it will get passed during this administration,” she added.

Robredo pointed out that the bill has been filed in Congress for the longest time and received stiff opposition from several different sectors.

“It’s been a pain that we don’t have this because local government units would pass their own ordinances regarding the land use bill but they’re not coordinated with all the others,” Robredo said.

Robredo said that in terms of land use, “we cannot be an island of our own.”  

“We have to pass an ordinance in relation to the neighboring municipalities. This will set concrete policies as far as which properties will be set as residential, which properties will be agricultural,” she said.
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