July 23, 2018, 12:04 am
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PH stagnates in innovation

The Philippines maintained its ranking in the Global Innovation Index (GII), 73rd among 126 countries, but still among the top 10  most innovative economies in its income group.

The report  ranked the Philippines 9th out of 30 economies in the lower-middle income group in terms of overall innovation performance. 

The GII is a leading reference for measuring a country’s innovation performance.

But the Philippines is eclipsed by some its peers in Asean though better only than Indonesia, Cambodia and Vietnam.

Singapore ranked fifth, Malaysia, 35th, Thailand, 44th,  Vietnam, 45th and Brunei, 67th.

The GII report said the Philippines leads countries in Asean in one specific output-indicator, information and communication technology (ICT) services exports driven by its business process outsourcing industry. 

The report also cited the significant differences in the performances of  Asean  economies in terms of innovation though the  region as a whole is making great progress in innovation indicators. 

The GII tracks an  economy’s innovation performance through the innovation input and output sub-indices, where it tanked 82nd and 68th, respectively. 

The report showed the  Philippines showed particular strength in the input-indicators of graduates of science and engineering,  gross capital formation, market capitalization, trade, competition and market scale among others.  

It also  scored well  in the two pillars of  the innovative output sub-index, knowledge and technology outputs and creative outputs.

The GII is among the 12 global competitiveness reports monitored by the National Competitiveness Council.

It is co-published by the World Intellectual Property Organization, Cornell University and INSEAD. 

The Intellectual Property Office of the Philippines  (IPOPHL) has noted the significance of  harnessing creative outputs in the areas of trademarks and industrial design in improving the country’s innovativeness.

 IPOPHL also cited the improved intellectual property protection in pushing creative wealth in the country.
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