March 22, 2018, 8:18 am
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LRT2 rehab underway

The Light Rail Transit Authority (LRTA) has started the rehabilitation and modernization of the 14-year-old Light Rail Transit (LRT) line 2 system. 

Reynaldo Berroya, LRTA administrator, appealed to the riding public’spatience and understanding as most of the projects will take one to three years to complete 

LRTA recently completed four projects: the installation of new IP, high definition 295 CCTV cameras at the stations and the depot; putting up two x-ray machines at Santolan and Recto stations to beef up safety and security; construction of the covered walkway at Santolan station to protect the passengers from the heat and rain; and the delivery of a brake operating unit which helps to diagnose the reliability and efficiency of the train’s braking system.

LRTA said the rehabilitation and modernization projects focus mainly on improving the overall efficiency of the system, including the rolling stocks, signaling, communication equipment, enhancement of stations/facilities and improvement of customer service. 

The replacement of the 32 elevators and 13 escalators with PWD friendly features will commence this April and will be finished on or before September 2017.

Refurbishment of the stations, improvement of lightings and replacement of signages are also underway.

LRTA will repair four down trains to augment the existing 10 operational trains while planning to procure additional four trainsets. Fielding more trains will reduce the current headway of six minutes to four minutes, which translates to shorter waiting time for passengers at the stations.

The restoration of down trains will be completed in 2019 while the delivery of the new trains is expected in 2020, in time for the opening of the LRT-2 East Extension project.

LRTA also started to restore its public information display at the stations to inform passengers on the arrival and departure of trains at the stations. It partnered with Trackmate for the provision of TV monitors inside the trains to advise passengers of the programs, services, project updates and other announcements of LRTA.

LRT-2 serves close to 200,000 passengers daily. It has 11 stations from Santolan to C.M. Recto.
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