February 25, 2018, 7:27 am
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Infra spend jumps 12%

The national government’s expenditures for infrastructure and other capital outlays jumped by 11.8 percent as of end-October versus the previous year’s level, data from the Department of Budget and Management (DBM) showed.

According to the DBM, infrastructure and other capital expenditures totaled to P442.7 billion, up from the P395.8 billion recorded a year ago.

“(This is) largely on account of the implementation of road infrastructure program, modernization and capability enhancement program of the Armed Forces of the Philippines and Philippine National Police (PNP),” the DBM said.

The agency also cited other capital outlay projects such as the repair and rehabilitation of school facilities and acquisition of health facilities and medical equipment.

In October alone, infrastructure and other capital expenditures grew by 17.8 percent to P51.5 billion.

The DBM said this is primarily due to public works projects such as road repair, upgrading and widening; flood control and rehabilitation or improvement of dike systems; acquisition of transport and other equipment of the PNP; and payment for various communication, navigational and air traffic management system projects, as well as consultancy and civil works for the Light Rail Transitlines 1 and 2 extension projects.

As of end-October, the national government’s disbursements stood at P2.241 trillion, 10 percent higher year-on-year following the robust spending for the month of October.

Expenditures in October alone jumped 28.2 percent to P226.9 billion.

“Line agencies have been expediting the requests for the release of their allotments, as well as obligating these funds since the 2017 appropriations are only valid until December 31 this year,” the DBM said.

“For instance, about P137.5 billion worth of allotments was released for the month of November based on preliminary report as of the end-week of November 2017. These releases are on top of the releases made earlier this year and could further fan the growth of disbursements in the last two months of 2017,” it added.
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