January 24, 2018, 1:31 am
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All exits, no entrance

The South Luzon Expressway has signs that say “exit” in all places going to the towns along the way. There are no signs of “entrance” because the access road can lead to nowhere but the expressway.

Another sign that is completely ignored by motorists is “left lane for overtaking only.”

On top of this stupidity is a similar sign painted on the road itself. It is also ignored. I think it is presumed that drivers know that the “left lane is for overtaking only.”

The worst is traffic enforcers do not issue violation tickets to drivers who ignore the signs.

The highway is manned by supposedly traffic enforcers who ignore the violations recorded on CCTV. This gives the enforcers a bargaining situation when they issue the ticket. Worse, vehicles swerve any which way. This is one big reason the highway balls up with vehicles which create gridlocks. 

“Reduce speed now”

Way before a vehicle approaches toll bridges there is a sign that says “reduce speed now”. When do the traffic enforcers expect the motorists to slow down except when it is approaching a toll booth?

In my weekly trips to my small farm in Lipa City I have never seen an accident that results from speeding while approaching a toll booth. This stupidity of these signs must also stop.

The biggest cause of gridlocks on the highway is the lack of discipline on the part of the drivers.

The vehicles should have behind the wheel a disciplined driver. If I had the authority to make arrests or issue violation tickets, a good half of the vehicles in the highway would be impounded.
Road repairs

It seems the operator of the highways does not understand how the drivers behave behind the wheel.

Otherwise, there will be fewer of such drivers. In New York City any driver who is issued five tickets a year is denied the renewal of his license.

The way Filipino drivers behave behind the wheel tells a lot about our lack of discipline.

This is a priority of President Digong Duterte. He should order a study of how much fuel and time is lost to traffic mess.

This is a question of economics.

More hotels

The reason businessmen construct more hotels is the hope local and foreign tourists will come. Otherwise, there will be fewer hotels and probably more motels where trysts are held.

The number of smaller hotels is also rising for the probinsiyanos and budget tourists. White people are seen roaming the streets unaware of the dangers of being mugged.

However, I do not see or read about tourists being mugged for money and other valuables.
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