January 24, 2018, 1:31 am
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Duterte and media

President elect Digong Duterte believes he will do well without mainstream media. It really depends: One, -he continues to oppose or fight media better known as the Fourth Estate in other countries.

Democracy will have a meaning, Two.-if    one surrenders to the other, there will be what can be called collusion between the State and Media. In which case, both are losers because democracy dies. 

The powers of the presidency seem to have gotten  to Duterte’s head before he could be sworn in as the next Chief Executive. He seems to be excited when all he has to do is meet his cabinet quietly without too many people knowing about it.  
TV grammar

In the last show of the film fest in Cannes in France there is a tag line that says “Jaclyn Jose…win the Cannes Festival.” I am not good in grammar myself but I will never make the mistake of using a plural verb on a singular subject.

While we are on this subject I am reminded of another booboo of  the said TV channel in  having a long series of advertising almost as long as the main feature.

I would not do this if I were doing the job of writing those blurbs. It so happened that this channel practically corners all the big commercials.
Education for the poor and the rich

There should be a policy from the government that forces brainy students for admission in quota or non-quota courses in the University of the Philippines. That is of course, contingent on whether they make the UPCAT or not for quota courses like law and medicine. A selection process must be made by an independent group picked by a priest and other respected citizens in a community.

Problem is education here is for those who have the money not necessarily the brains. We remember the story of a medical graduate from Perpetual University who topped the medical board but had to be a nurse because, as a migrant to the US,  he failed to  pass the state board for medicine.
Telegraphing his punches

President Duterte announced  his program within the week that he was proclaimed winner in the national elections. People read his mind and read it correctly. He is a man of his word but certainly far from compliance with the law. He should make himself scarce until he is sworn in. That is the way a President should behave.

The way he does it now, is like calling a suspect “rapist” even before he could be tried and he is only two days away from being sworn in as President.  
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