February 27, 2017, 2:58 pm
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Incidental Intelligence

Winning by death of a loved one
No one would believe the late President Cory Aquino would be elected if her husband Ninoy had not been assassinated. Nobody really knows if she actually won the snap election. 

Her son benefitted from her “timely” demise as it came when the Liberal Party was looking for a candidate in the national elections of 2010. 

People loved Cory more because of the death of her husband at the tarmac of what now is known as Ninoy Aquino International Airport. It was a question of fate that Noynoy lost his mother as the election was fast approaching.  
Cory too benefitted from husband’s death 
On August 21, 1983 Ninoy Aquino came home from self imposed exile although the Marcos government warned him that harm was awaiting him at home.  

Marcos was felled by a mob who could not wait for all the votes to be counted. Ferdinand Jr. was elected senator in the face of a hate- Marcos campaign by the opposition. He won handsomely. He did not seem to have learned any lesson from the fact  Leni Robredo could not have won if her husband did not have a “timely” accidental plane crash. 

Confluence of events

I find it funny that nearly half a dozen vice presidents assumed the office of Chief Executive by the death of the president.    I remember as many people do that Elpidio Quirino became President because his President Manuel Roxas from the LP had a heart attack in May 1948 before he could finish half of his four-year term.

The Philippines, hardly 100 years old as an independent republic,  has the enviable record of seeing Vice Presidents become President not by election but by the death of the Chief Executive.

 Leni Robredo a humble woman and wife of the late Jesse Robredo admits she would not have been elected if her husband did not meet a cruel death. Jesse hurried home on a private plane that crashed in the sea minutes after take-off.

Leni is so humble she arrived in her hometown of Naga City as the cocks began crowing. I asked my wife why there was no reception committee. She said Leni took a bus to Naga early in the evening of the previous day, two weeks before the election.

She is better remembered as the widow of Jesse Robredo.
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