July 22, 2018, 11:54 pm
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Holding company on expansion binge

San Miguel Corp. has shortlisted four from a roster of eight possible sites that would   house  the new facilities of its alcoholic beverage unit, San Miguel Brewery Inc..

Ramon Ang, president of San Miguel, said the new facilities are expected to further support the company’s record of “double digit growth in both volume and profit.” 

Apart from San Miguel,  other businesses under Ang’s Top Frontier Investment Holdings, are also expanding. 

Top Frontier eyes the construction of a P3-billion bridge that will connect Boracay to Caticlan, and the expansion of Petron Corp.’s manufacturing capacity.

San Miguel Brewery is putting up facilities in several areas in the country --- Laguna, Pangasinan, Cebu, Quezon, Bacolod, Cagayan de Oro, Bicol and Iloilo.

San Miguel is likewise putting up a total of 6 million metric ton (MT) additional capacity for its feed mills business.  

San Miguel Purefoods is putting up  420 metric ton per day capacity hotdogs manufacturing plant.

San Miguel is also  putting up a cold storage facility that can control temperature to as low as -60 degrees and can handle raw materials and all finished products of the company.

“From now on, we no longer need to lease cold storage. It will now be delivered from our processing plant in Cavite to consumers,” said Ang.

Purefoods will be putting up a spam manufacturing facility in the Philippines for the local market as well as for export. 

“Our piggery, slaughter houses and dressed chicken plants are also being expanded. So we are going to produce most of our food products to become ready-to-eat,” said Ang. 

In the packaging business, San Miguel is likewise putting up a new glass plant in Cavite, which will be operational by the first quarter of next year.

San Miguel Yamamura Packaging Corp. is xpanding its corrugated boxes facility in Mindanao but Ang did not provide details.

San Miguel Yamamura is on a shopping spree in Australian and New Zealand

Petron Corp.  is undergoing a $3.5-billion capacity expansion  in Malaysia which will increase by  90,000 barrels its daily refining capacity to 178,000 barrel per day.

Ang is set to submit today, July 11,  its proposal to build a 1.1-kilometer bridge that will connect Boracay and Caticlan. 

With a payback period of 10 to 15 years, the company sees the proposed bridge to facilitate  travel to and from Boracay. It would  also serve as transit points for waste, electricity, and fresh water needs of the island from Caticlan as 

“We can build the bridge in two years, all concrete and will be passable by ship underneath. It can handle the sewage pipes, and we can bring in fresh water to Boracay and can also bring all the waste out,” said Ang. 
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