June 27, 2017, 10:11 pm
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DTI tightens rules on steel importation

The Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) will issue a new regulation increasing the sample size for testing of steel products to be imported. 

Ramon Lopez, DTI secretary, said in a press briefing the new department administrative order  (DAO) will ensure standards are followed and therefore protect consumers especially at this time that the country is experiencing a series of earthquakes.

The DAO will be issued in two weeks to a month. 

Lopez said a formula is currently being determined but offhand DTI is looking at 100 pieces of sample per 5,000 metric tons of shipment.

An existing regulation requires just three. 

“Three pieces is not proportionate... it’s not representative,” Lopez said.

Lopez said the DTI has followed the same sampling size in retesting the shipment of trader whose import commodity clearance (ICC) was recalled by the DTI last year.

Samples are tested by the Bureau of Product Standards prior to issuance of an ICC. 

More samples would ensure the batch comply with standards imposed by the Philippines.

Under the present DAO 5-2008, only three samples are obtained for testing, regardless of the size of the shipments. In the current DAO, sampling methodology does not consider size of shipment.

Lopez said another DAO was earlier issued this time covering cement.

DAO 17-02:2017  specific for the mandatory certification of Portland cement and blended hydraulic cement with Pozzolan covered by PNS 07:2005 and PNS 63:2006 respectively, states that only cement manufactured by a Philippine Standard Quality and/or Safety Certification Mark License holder shall be permitted to be imported into the Philippines.

The DAO says all cement importations sourced from a foreign-based manufacturer holding a valid PS license now requires an ICC certificate on a per shipment per Bill of Lading basis and is subject to ICC procedures.
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