January 24, 2018, 1:31 am
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Dangers and benefits

Many people are happy over the fact that more than 1000 drug suspects have either been killed or detained. This is one reason Digong Duterte made it to the presidency.

There are people growing in numbers who feel President Duterte is not exactly following the law in trying to get rid of the drug menace. People have the choice of having peace and living in danger at the same time. This is because there are many who are beginning to suspect some killings have personal motives.

So far, this year more that 50 percent  of those apprehended or killed for drugs were not involved.

But Channel 2 did not present a concrete case either.

Rule and reign
There is growing fear that President Duterte rules and reigns at the same time. What people do not find wholesome is the fact or growing fear that there are executions of drug-related criminals. It is in this sense that I thought it might be wise to reveal to the public the names and criminal records of those who have been done in. This is dura lex sed lex.

Drugs and politics
There seems to be a relationship, a very tight one, between drugs and politics. At my age of 80 years I’ve never seen the drug menace   in the same way that the killings related to drugs are. It is now hard to figure out who kills in line of duty and who kills those performing that duty. This is where the “balls” President Duterte may be tested. He has to discern between right and wrong because a poor man or a pauper who did not happen to be involved in drugs can only hope for salvation on his soul.

Lipa City is drug-ridden 
I have heard of massive arrests in some districts of Lipa where the drug menace is prevalent. In the barrio of Sabang 300 drug suspects were arrested. Many others were arrested in other sitios. Neither the police nor the PDEA have reported the incidents. Those concerned with the rule of law but who also want peace are alarmed. It seems in a democracy the rule of law and reign of peace cannot exist at the same time.
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