February 25, 2018, 7:30 am
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Business group seeks passage of emergency powers bill

Foreign businessmen are clamoring for the passage of a bill giving the President of the country emergency powers to address transportation traffic and congestion.

The Joint Foreign Chambers (JFC) in the Philippines is urging Congress to approve the Traffic and Congestion Crisis bill  on second and third reading at the earliest possible date, and recommend the president certify the measure as urgent to also speed up its passage. 

The group in a statement urged the legislative branch to complete its procedure and the plenary consideration of the Traffic and Congestion Crisis legislation saying the responsible committees in both chambers completed their reports some months ago.

Both chambers’ bills are in line to be discussed and approved in plenary, the JFC said. 

“With the completion of the budget and the first tax reform package, the time to pass this important legislation is now,” JFC said.

The group said traffic has worsened as Christmas season approaches.

JFC cited a study commissioned by Uber which said B angkok, Jak arta, and Manila have the w orst traffic in Asia.

 The Boston Consulting Group’s study Unlocking Cities warns that at current vehicle growth levels, Tier III cities such as Manila are at risk of reaching standstill levels of congestion at 10 kilometers per hour by 2022.
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