February 20, 2017, 2:59 pm
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Bronzeoak keen on expanding biomass

Renewable energy developer Bronzeoak Philippines Inc.  is keen on expanding its biomass  portfolio following the approval by the International Finance Corp. (IFC)  of  $141-million funding for three plants.

“We are finishing our first of its kind biomass plant hopefully by second quarter next year. First quarter (was our initial) target… Those are three plants, San Carlos, South Negros and North Negros… The IFC already approved a funding of up to $161 million which covers the three biomass plants,”  said Don Mario Dia, Bronzeoak director.

The power plants will all be located in Negros where the firm’s solar projects are also located.

Dia said a revised service contract for the South Negros plant is awaiting the signature of  Alfonso Cusi, Department of Energy secretary,.

“When San Carlos is completed, every year thereafter, construction of the remaining plants will be subsequent. However, if we can have extra equity, we can advance it,” Dia added.

He said  the San Carlos plant will be delayed  because of the need to reconfigure its boilers from the original capacity of 18 megawatts (MW) to 19.99 MW.

“The other reason is we retested the fuel source. Will we do pure sugar cane trash or we will mix it with others so we will have a back up of fuel source, like wood chips, coconut husks or even rice husks and napier grass. So we went back to redesigning of the boiler with the supplier,” Dia added.

The company  signed an agreement with Wuxi Huaguang Electric Power Engineering to supply the boiler of the biomass projects. This was one of the agreements signed during the state visit of President Duterte’s visit to China last month.

To date,  Bronzeoak has completed five solar power projects with a total capacity of 143 MW.

 These are  the 18 MW Montesol, the 18 MW and 14 MW plant located in La Carlota City, the 48 MW located in the municipality of Manapla and the 45 MW Sacasol plant in San Carlos City.
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