June 27, 2017, 10:10 pm
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BOI named 2nd best IPA

The  Board of Investments (BOI) was recently named  Second Best Investment Promotion Agency (IPA) among countries of the Southeast Asia and Oceana (SEAO) region in the 2017 Annual Investment Meeting (AIM) Awards held in Dubai.

Next to India’s Invest India, the  BOI bested the IPAs of other eight country participants in the region. The investment projects were evaluated using the following criteria: size of investment, type and form of investment, scale of job creation, innovation and technology transfer, exports, import substitution, local linkages sustainable development, eco friendly, and impact on country competitiveness and FDI attraction.

The 2017 AIM Awards is a world-leading, platform for foreign direct investments FDIs. Now on its seventh edition, the awards given to IPAs are a component of the AIM conference and exhibition which brought together some of the world’s top investors, experts, and practitioners under one roof to discuss how the landscape has changed over the course of the year and what new forms of investment are available. The AIM also focused on new policies that are currently being implemented and looked at the current and future best practices in the industry.
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