March 22, 2018, 8:21 am
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Wisdom from a taxi driver

by Philip Chua on February 28, 2018
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‘Allowing plunderers to hold office, enabling them to destroy our country, is tantamount to treason.’

Toxic substances 

February 28, 2018
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Importation of toxic substances such as chemical fertilizer is prohibited.

Another postponement

February 27, 2018
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‘Even the President, for all his rhetorics about not staying one minute more than his elected term provides, will be a beneficiary of the Transitory Provisions.’

Can divorce make it, this time

by ABIGAIL VALTE on February 27, 2018
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‘Let’s continue talking about a divorce law, in the spirit of coming up with a law that affords protection to those that need it the most.’

‘I am ready to die for my coun

by NESTOR MATA on February 27, 2018
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‘Amnesty International has declared that the Philippines, among other countries of the world, violated human rights.’

Sanofi’s serial scandals

by DEAN DELA PAZ on February 27, 2018
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‘Big Pharma’ companies that forecast the highest revenues seem to have the flattest learning curves

New, better dengue vaccines

by DAHLI ASPILLERA on February 26, 2018
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‘Sanofi’s setbacks from its rush to market; careless oversights, could lead to better future dengue vaccines from other pharmaceuticals.’

Enjoy the Sara-Panty feud but

by ELLEN TORDESILLAS on February 26, 2018
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‘The knives are out. Hopefully we see the secret beans and buried skeletons next.’

Is democracy in recession?

by JOSE BAYANI BAYLON on February 26, 2018
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‘Populists tend to deny the legitimacy of established parties, attacking them as undemocratic and even unpatriotic.’

EDSA without Digong

February 26, 2018
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‘These words and ideas are good to hear, but their real meaning is hollow because President Duterte was not personally at EDSA to utter them. These platitudes cannot gloss over the reality of disdain that the Chief Executive, and millions of other Filipinos, feel about EDSA and its direct beneficiaries, the Aquinos.’


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Column of the Day

Realities of aging

By PHILIP S. CHUA | March 22,2018
‘We no longer have any excuse not to maximize our health and longevity.’

Opinion of the Day

CenterLaw voids Duterte’s decision

By NESTOR MATA | March 22, 2018
‘The Center for International Law (CenterLaw) voids Duterte’s decision to withdraw from the UNCHR and ICC.’