January 24, 2018, 3:51 am
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Lack of registered guidance counselors forces schools to violate the law (2)

 When the proposed Guidance and Counseling Act was introduced in Congress, its authors believe that the stiff requirements they were imposing on the professional registration of guidance counselors would contribute to the “development and enrichment of the Filipino family and society.”

Lack of registered guidance counselors forces schools to violate the law (1)

After being caught smoking marijuana in school, a graduating student from Krus Na Ligas High School was sent by a teacher to the Quezon City Anti-Drug Abuse Advisory Council (QCADAAC) for six months of rehabilitation.

Government hospitals fall short of helping abused women, children (1)

One Monday morning in March, a six-year-old girl was brought by her separated parents to the emergency room of the TondoMedical Center (TMC) in Manila.

More strategic relations with Australia, Japan urged

IN light of China’s continuing expansion in the disputed West Philippine Sea, the country should explore more strategic partnerships with other countries in the Asia Pacific, especially Japan and Australia, security experts said.

It still takes two to tango

A PEACE negotiation, just like any other form of dispute resolution, requires unified and specified objective – a central goal – between or among the parties involved.

All about that accident

THIS is to clarify the news item on my alleged negligence which resulted in the total wreckage of a Toyota Fortuner in 2015 while I was still a commissioner of the Insurance Commission (IC).

On this, look at Duterte

 In the past President Ramos rolled up this sleeves--an act that was seen as a reflection of a ‘hands-on soldier” and he was forgiven for it when he stopped doing it in official functions and diplomatic gatherings. Soldiers always fold up their sleeves. Presidents are not expected to do that. 

Five decades of killing

It’s almost five decades since the NPA started their campaign against the government and there are already thousands of individuals who have sacrificed their lives trying to end the rebellion.

Robredo and RevGov

Vice President Leno Robredo stressed something confusing recently when November came. She said that Defense Secretary Delfin Lorenzana and Lt. Gen. Rey Leonardo Guerrero, chief of the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP), have assured that the military will not support any move placing the country under a revolutionary government. She deliberately said it; confirming trust and confidence to the defense sector regarding this matter vis-a-vis President’s plan of revolutionary government.

Plea for Peace

We, the youth, believe that amidst an environment of blame and intolerance, there must be a constant reminder of our humanity, which is slowly being stripped away from us. Illegal Drugs did not only take away lives, but they have also taken peace and righteousness from our country. We wish to express our grief for the victims of illegal drugs and the ensuing casualties in the government’s war on the illegaldrug trade which has proliferated in the country for the past years.


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Column of the Day

Facebook’s constant state of denial

By ABIGAIL VALTE | January 23,2018
‘Funny that Facebook is concerned about objectivity problems but turns around and gives the users the power to rank based on their standards of trustworthiness.’

Opinion of the Day

Ressa and Mocha

By DAHLI ASPILLERA | January 24, 2018
‘Two female news dispensers, CEO Maria Ressa of Rappler On-line News and Mocha Uson of the Presidential Press Office are themselves now in the news.’