July 18, 2018, 7:39 pm
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China market jolt far less contagious than 2015 shock

LONDON- Three years after a financial shock in China rocked world markets, a slower-motion 20 percent reversal of China’s main stock index and the yuan’s worst month on record have had much less of a viral effect around the globe.

US stocks rise on industrials; dollar flattens

NEW YORK- The benchmark S&P 500 index hit a more than five-month high on Friday on gains in industrial stocks and energy companies, while the safe-haven US dollar flattened after touching a two-week high.

Stocks, commodities consolidate

TOKYO- Stocks and commodities recovered slightly on Thursday as markets tried to consolidate from the previous session’s steep losses when fears of an escalation in the US-China trade war jolted investor sentiment.

Asia shares rise for a third day

SYDNEY- Asian shares rallied for a third session on Tuesday as hopes for upbeat corporate earnings buoyed Wall Street, while several high-profile resignations from Britain’s government kept sterling on the defensive.


LONDON- Britain’s lead as the top European destination for international investment in financial services is starting to narrow as continental rivals vying for its business are boosted by Brexit, according to a report published on Monday.

Major FX jittery before US tariff deadline

TOKYO- Major currencies were on tenterhooks yesterday on the eve of Washington’s deadline to impose tariffs on Chinese imports while the yuan held steady after the central bank this week sought to stem its recent tumble.

2018 mid-year looks more like tipping point for markets

LONDON- The halfway point of the year is when investors take stock, reassess their positions, and decide where to put their money for the next six months. This year, it could be a tipping point.

Stocks face rising ‘unholy trinity’

LONDON- Stock market volatility isn’t scarily high just yet, but it’s picking up. What is more telling is what is happening under the bonnet, where sector rotation, volatility and correlations are rising.

Brexit clouds financial sector mood

LONDON- Banks’ Brexit worries were a key theme in a quarterly survey of Britain’s financial services sector, published on Monday, even though business sentiment stabilized in the second quarter, ending a near two-year slide, and recruitment picked up.

German data, not politics, key for trade war watchers

DUBLIN- While German politics may dominate the headlines again in the coming week, the less attention grabbing release of industrial data could offer a better indication of the headwinds facing the European Union and its largest economy.


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Column of the Day

Tearing down the house (Second of a series)

Jego Ragragio's picture
By Jego Ragragio | July 18,2018
‘The draft Federal Constitution is a clear example of tearing a house down in order to install a new door—where the new door goes into an existing door jamb. There’s barely anything new here, and the few things that are new, don’t actually need a constitutional amendment.’

Opinion of the Day

Heed this constitutional expert’s warning

Ellen Tordesillas's picture
By ELLEN TORDESILLAS | July 18, 2018
‘The critique of Gene Lacza Pilapil, assistant professor of Political Science at the University of the Philippines-Diliman, one of the resource persons, should warn us about the draft Federal Constitution produced by the Duterte-created Consultative Committee.’